8 winged wolves

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8 winged wolves

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I'm 4
I'm a guy
I am a winged wolf
I have the power to control the tempurature
I am sweet caring and my wings are black because I am a mix between a light and dark wolf
dude here is my pic:

My Name is Ice Princess but call me ice
I am 6 years old
I am a female winged wolf
I have the power to make sure that every litter of pups survives
I am a sweet, caring mother and I would make a very good pack leader
My image is right here:

My name? Casper
My age? 3
My Breed? a light winged wolf
My ability? I can control the energy of the universe
My personality? I am a gentle yet energetic male and I also make a great father i have always wanted pups of my own I ama pack leader and I can also make sure that all wolves survive
My Picture? Its right here:

My name is Arson
I am a female
My breed is a Dark winged wolf
my age is timeless
my ability is to kill what ever is in my way
my personality is dark, visious, caring at times, hateful, dark, scary, yet sweet, kind, and loving to my mate
here is me:

I am the goddess of winged wolves
I am to be addressed as Magesty or Miss except to my mate who may call me heart
I don't age
I can control the world
I am caring for others and when i have to be I can be the most evil wolf you have over seen
i look like this:

sweet, kind, and nasty

Name's Moss
I can control the sky and the water
I am a guy
I am 4 years old
I like atking long walks on the beach and through the for- oh not the romantic stough? ok then i'm Nice carign and like a male teenager
I look like this ladies:

I'm Ange
I'm only 6 weeks old
I am a girl
I am shy and otherwise I don't really know
I haven't discovered my powers yet

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